"Initiation" Chippy Commercial

Here's the Chippy Commercial about a girl trying to hang out with the guys but was required to pass an "initiation." This Chippy Commercial is said to be filmed in the University of Santo Tomas grounds and the girl's name is Janina Manipol.

Guy1: Guys, makiki-hang-out sa atin si Ana.
Guy2: Sure.
Guy3: Oks lang.
Guy4: NO WAY.
Guy2: Huh?
Guy4: Yan?
Guy3: Bakit naman hindi?
Guy1: Teka, teka.
Guy2: She's hot, pare.
Guy3: Dude naman.
Guy4: O sige na sige, if she passes the initiation. Buksan nya lang tong Chippy na to with one hand. Di mo kaya ano?

Girl bit the Chippy open. Whoa!

Guy2: Astig.
Guy3: Cool.
Guy1: Pano mo nagawa yun?
Girl: Galing ko no?

Chippy. Love namin talaga.

Initiation Chippy Commercial YouTube Video


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