Sting Energy Drink "Conveyor Belt" Commercial

Imagine this. You've just arrived at the airport. You are waiting for your baggage to emerge from the conveyor belt. And then suddenly, due to the overcapacity of baggage, the conveyor belt stopped.

What would you do?

Here's what Manong Sting did:

Manong Sting (that's just what I call him because we don't know his name yet), came from nowhere, save the day again with his coleman cooler!

He got his Sting Energy Drink from the cooler, drink it, and dance "Running Man" on the conveyor belt to the tune of "Everybody Dance Now."

And in no time, the conveyor belt is working again. Sting Energy Drink. Hayop sa sarap! Hayop sa energy.

Sting Energy Drink Commercial Video


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