"Present" Bear Brand Commercial

Here's the newest Bear Brand Commercial where a mother is calling the other members of the family as if in an attendance roll call in a classroom.

Mother: Dela Cruz, Antonio Jr.?
Junior: Present!
Mother: Dela Cruz, Maria?
Maria: Present!
Mother: Dela Cruz, Antonio?
Father: Present, hon.
Mother: Good morning, hon.

Present sa trabaho. Present sa school araw-araw. Sa tulong ng Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink. May dagdag tibay-resistensya nutrients ng Vitamin C, Iron at Zinc. Pang-buong pamilya, araw-araw.

Maria: E si Presi Dela Cruz?
Mother: Laging present, never absent.

Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink. Tibay Araw-Araw.

Present Bear Brand Commercial YouTube Video


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