Anne, Solenn and Georgina Argentina Corned Beef Commercial

Here's the newest Argentina Corned Beef commercial featuring Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heusaff. This commercial has the feel of a US comedy sitcom called The New Girl, but instead, this commercial is about The New Boy. The name of the guy who plays the role of Sam is Miko delos Reyes.

Argentina Familia Presents: Nice to Meet You

Sam: (in his mind) Feel at home, Curt.

Hindi ako maho-homesick. Hindi ako maho-homesick!

Basta may Argentina, may ka-familia.

Sam: (in his mind) Hmm, corned beef ala mommy.

(The door opens and Anne Curtis entered as Curt.)

Curt: Hi Sam. I'm Curt, your housemate. Welcome. Kumusta ang biyahe?

Sam: Oh-oh okey naman.

Curt: Can I join you. Wait, I'll get a plate.

Sam: Ako na, ako na.

Curt: Ay, ako na.

(Anne tastes the Argentina Corned Beef.)

Curt: Hmm. Sigurado akong magugustuhan to ni George at Sol.

Sam: (in his mind) May karibal pa ako.

(The door opens again ang Georgina Wilson enters as George and solenn Heussaff enters as Sol.)

Curt: Hi girls. (to Sam) Meet our housemates, George and Sol. Sarap ng lasang home noh?

Welcome to Familia Argentina. Sarap ng Lasang Home.

Argentina Corned Beef Commercial starring Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff YouTube Video


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