Solenn Heussaff Century Bangus Fillet Commercial

Here's the latest Century Bangus commercial featuring the sexy and alluring Solenn Heussaff. Need I say more?

How long does it take to simmer farm-fresh bangus fish fillet in exquisite spices and lushious flavors?

Solenn Heussaff: Just a minute.

How soon can you take pleasure in this tender, boneless, meat belly?

Solenn: Just a minute.

Century Bangus Fillet Spanish Style.

Solenn: Gourmet, in a minute.

Healthy, fresh-tasting bangus fillet.

Solenn: In a gourmet minute.

Bangus made gourmet. Century Bangus Fillet.

Only by Century.

Solenn Heussaff Century Bangus Fillet Spanish Style Commercial YouTube Video


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