Sandwich Band 'Cafe Puro' Commercial

When I saw this Cafe Puro commercial where the Sandwich band were singing an edited version of their uber popular song "Betamax", I thought: "Cool, every commercial should be like this. Simple. Attention-grabber. And with a twist!"

What really got me into this Cafe Puro commercial is how they creatively blended the Cafe Puro message into the song. Personally, I don't drink Cafe Puro, and I don't think this TV commercial will make me drink it. But everytime this commercial plays on the television, I stop and watch.

Cafe Puro Commercial Featuring Sandwich YouTube Video

Cafe Puro Commercial Featuring Sandwich Lyrics

Here is the lyrics of the Sandwich Band Cafe Puro TV commercial:

Wala pa nung creamer
Wala pa nung purified water
Wala pa nung internet
Wala pa nung email o mp3 (wala)

Wala pa nung cable
Wala pa nung cellphone
Wala pa nung CD o DVD
Ang meron lang Cafe Puro

Sa good taste
Ikaw ay bidang-bida
Instant man o three in one
Cafe Puro, pinoy ka

Cafe Puro. Sarap ng giniling na kape.


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