Fita Spreadz "Fishing" Commercial

Two guys go on fishing.

Guy 1: Fishing!
Guy 2: Fishing!
Guy 1: Fishing!

(After a few moments...)
Guy 2: Fishing pala ha?!

(More minutes elapsed and Guy 2 is sleeping. Guy 1 opened a Fita Spreadz. Then something is biting on their bait. After pulling the wire, they caught a fishbone!)
Guy 2: What is-da??!!

Buti pa ang Fita Spreadz may laman. Masarap pa ang laman. Savory tuna flavor na siniksik sa dalawang Fita crackers. Siksik sa sarap.

Guy 2: Mmm... Sarap!
Guy 1: Boneless pa.

Fita Spreadz.

Fita Spreadz "Fishing" Commercial Video


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