Anne Curtis "Rapper" PSBank Commercial

Here's the latest PS Bank Commercial featuring Anne Curtis. In this commercial, Anne Curtis is impersonating JLo (Jennifer Lopez) and an extra is impersonating the rapper Pitbull.

Rapper: And you're so...
And you're so fine
How can a girl like you be mine?

Anne Curtis: Save!

Rapper: Say what?

Anne Curtis: Save the money so we don't have worries.  That's what I'm doing. What about you baby?

Eto hindi nagra-rhyme, pero may sense. Sobrang daling mag-ipon sa PS Bank. Just open an account in one branch, pwede ka nang magdeposit o magwithdraw in any branch nationwide, anytime.

Dali. Si Anne meron na.

Astig di ba? PS Bank eh.

Watch Anne Curtis "Rapper" PSBank Commercial YouTube Video


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