"Girlfriend Mo Na Ba Ako?" McDonald's Commercial

Here's an interesting McDonald's commercial what do girlfriends really want from their boyfriends, but with a children's perspective.

However, the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines asked McDonald's to pull out the ad because it cheapens the value of relationships into a packet of fries. The CBCP also said the kids are too young to be in a relationship and that this might bring the wrong message to young viewers.

(BFGF McDonald's Commercial Script)

Girl: Girlfriend mo na ba ako?
Boy: Ayoko nga. Di pa ko ready eh.
Girl: Ha?
Boy: Demanding ang mga girlfriend. Gusto ganito, gusto ganyan... Ewan!
Girl: Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo Fries eh.
Boy: Talaga?

McDonald’s Everyday McSavers. 25 pesos lang.

"Gusto Ko Lang Naman ng McDo Fries" McDonald's Commercial YouTube Video


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