Luis Manzano "KKB" PSBank Commercial

Here is the newest PS Bank Commercial featuring Luis Manzano. This commercial teaches the value of saving even in times of dating.

They say... money can't buy love. That's true. So true.

Pero mahirap magmahal...

Anne Curtis "Rapper" PSBank Commercial

Here's the latest PS Bank Commercial featuring Anne Curtis. In this commercial, Anne Curtis is impersonating JLo (Jennifer Lopez) and an extra is impersonating the rapper Pitbull.

Rapper: And you're so...
And you're so fine
How can a girl like you be mine?

Anne Curtis PSBank Commercial

Here is the newest PSBank Commercial featuring Anne Curtis. This commercial tackles the reality of being in a commitment, which includes real life expenses, and raises the importance of savings.

Guy: If you're mine, I'd give you the moon... the stars... I'd give you the world.
Anne Curtis: So I suppose... may savings ka na?
Guy: ?
Anne Curtis: Savings. For the real stuff. You know, pagkain, bahay, kuryente.

John Lloyd Cruz "Safe Ba Yan?" Biogesic Commercial

Here is the newest Biogesic commercial featuring John Lloyd Cruz. The actor admits that all headache medicines are effective, but are they all safe?

John Lloyd: Lahat ng gamot sa headache, effective.

EQ Diapers Lapu-Lapu vs Magellan Commercial

Here's the EQ Plus Daipers commercial featuring the first Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu and his wife Urduja in a meeting with Ferdinand Magellan.

The clearance to air this commercial was recalled after requests from the Lapu-Lapu City Government and the National Historical Commission for the reason that it is seen as disrespectful to the first Filipino hero.

Anne Curtis "Lambing Soft" Palmolive Naturals Commercial

Here is the newest Palmolive Naturals Soft and Moisture Soap commercial featuring Anne Curtis in another singing spree. If you are going to ask from what is the soundtrack of this commercial is taken, the answer is Happy by Emmuelle Vera. Enjoy!

I love your softest touch
I love my skin, it feels so moisturized

"Cheer" Bear Brand Choco Commercial

Enjoy this new Bear Brand Commercial featuring students who are cheering for Bear Brand Choco.

Milk and Choco, Choco na Gatas
Milk and Choco, Gatas na Choco