"Ga.. This Is For You" Close Up Commercial

Here's the newest Close Up Commercial about the things one would do to go after something very special. It features Valerie Weignmann as Gabby and Ian Batherson as Mark.

(Update: Click here for the Moving Closer Full Music Video)

Mark: Hi, Im Mark and you are?
Gabby: I'm Ga.....(taken away by the bustling crowd)

Mark made his way to sneak up on the back stage, stole a wig and pretended to be a member of the band.

Mark: (on stage) I've just met the most incredible girl today and I don't even know her full name. But Ga, this is for you.

♫ Inch by inch where im moviing closer
Feels like a fairytale ending
Take my heart this is my moment♫

Gabby: (walk up towards the stage and meets Mark) By The way it's Gabby.

Moving Closer Close Up Commercial YouTube Video


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